The project “Cross-border work flow promotion” is financed by IPA cross-border programme Hungary – Croatia.

Objectives of the project:

  • promotion of labour mobility in Croatia- Hungary cross-border area
  • employment rate growth
  • fostering the economic development of cross-border region
  • providing better living conditions

Who can participate in the project?

  1. Employees
    • especially younger persons up to 35 years old, with secondary education or university degree, who are computer literate and familiar with at least one foreign language
    • Other persons interested in working in a neighboring country
  2. Employers
    • who are willing to hire a person from a neighboring state in their company
    • Employers / entrepreneurs who want to expand their business on the market of the neighboring country by employing the foreign nationals (the opening of branch offices, etc.)

What “Work flow”enables to it’s target group?

  •  learning of the Hungarian and English languages through internet courses available 24/7
  • Information on employment in Croatia, Hungary and the EU
  • Information for entrepreneurs about the possibilities of business expansion into new markets
  • Exchange of experiences between employers and employees on labor mobility
  • Creation of the virtual space as a central place for education and information about employment opportunities in the Croatian-Hungarian cross-border area
  • Promotion of culture of living and working in a neighboring country

Lead beneficiary of the project: Municipality of Kaposvar.

Partners on the project: City of Koprivnica, Croatian Employment Service – Branch office Križevci, Baranya County Government Office.

Territory of implementation: Koprivnica-Križevci county, Somogy and Baranya county.

Total budget of the project: 148.268,83 €, EU finances the 85% of the project.

Implementation starts in 1th July 2011 and lasts until 30th June 2012.

Where Rivers Connect

European UnionThe project is co-financed by the European Union through the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme

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