The roundtable in Kaposvar

Within the project Work Flow on May 25th in Kaposvar a roundtable discussion was held, on theme “Opportunities for promotion of labor mobility in the cross border region.”

The roundtable consisted of lectures on the theme of experiences in promoting labor mobility through the projects implemented under the IPA Cross Hungary – Croatia, and a model of volunteering in the Member States of the European Union was presented.

In front of the City of Koprivnica, at a roundtable discussion participated Maja Balasko and presented the experiences and projects implemented by the City of Koprivnica, under the CBC program Hungary – Croatia. Total of 4 projects were presented: Workflow, BOSH, K2.NET and the Four Seasons – Four fairs. These projects deal with improving business ties between entrepreneurs from both sides of the border, promoting labor mobility and economic development by encouraging cross-border area.

Jelena Prđun from CES PS Krizevci presented the project “Education for Service Academy”, in which implementation they participated as project partners and the project was implemented in the first call IPA Cross Hungary-Croatia.

Sasvari Gabor, Deputy Director of the Employment of the Government Office in Baranya, spoke on the issue of employment in Hungary and the differences between regions. He presented the possibility of joint action and solving the unemployment problem, taking into account specific characteristics of both countries. He also presented the EU projects in which they previously participated.

Kovács Dora the Compass Youth Volunteers Association presented the possibilities of mobility through a program of volunteering in the framework of the European Commission’s Youth in Action.

Project Work flow is carried out under the second call IPA cross-border program Croatia-Hungary. The project leader is city of Kaposvár and partners in implementing are the City of Koprivnica, the Croatian Employment – Regional Office Krizevci and Employment Government offices in Pecs Baranya County.

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Round table in the project Work Flow

In Đurđevac on 29th March 2012. was held the first Round Table “Labour mobility in the border area HUNGARY – CROATIA”.

Participants at the round table were the project partners, the unemployed and job seekers, employers and representatives of institutions with cross-border area.

The aim of the roundtable was to present options and examples of good practice in cross-border mobility of the Hungary – Croatia. Very important examples of cooperation and projects implemented under IPA cross-border cooperation Hungary – Croatia. The institutions that are holders or partners in the project were presented by project activities that are related to this subject.

Program of the Round Table were:

  •  Jadranka Capalija and Jelena Prđun, CES Regional Office Krizevci

   Collaboration without borders – Hungarian – Croatian Academy of Professional Employment

  •  Senad Ranilović, PORA and Development Agency Podravina and Prigorje

   Project implementation MOBILE REGION

  •  Nagy Mariann Reka, City Kaposvar

   Four Seasons, Four Fairs – for the Economic Development of Cross Border Regions

  •  Maja Balasko, City of Koprivnica

   Searching for New Business Opportunities in the Cross Border Region

  •  Marija Podolski, City of Krizevci

   Cross border cooperation.

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Info day as part of project Work Flow

Within the project “Cross-border work-flow promotion (Workflow)” in Đurđevac on 29th March 2012. was held the EU Info Point “Labor mobility”. The aim of info point was to inform people about the possibilities of unemployed labor mobility in the cross border area of Hungary – Croatia and the presentation of the project and project activities. Visitors had the opportunity to hear about the project activities carried out within the project Workflow, get answers to their questions and take the promotional materials. With regard that the info day was carried out in the Job Fair, about the activities of the project is informed approximately 400 persons.


Seminar in the framework Project Work Flow

In Koprivnica on 21 March 2012. was held the seminar which is intended for unemployed persons and employers. The main organizer of the seminar is City of Koprivnica in cooperation with the Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Ltd.

The main beneficiary is the City of Kaposvar, and implementing partners are: City of Koprivnica, the Croatian Employment Service – Regional Office Križevci and the Government Office in Pecs Baranya County.

Lecture topics were:

 1. Human Resources Management

 2. Benefits of employment in the EU and

 3. The advantages of expanding into new markets using new communication technologies.

Lecture on Human Resources Management, with emphasis on effective management and assessment and plan of management was given by Mr. Boris Blažinić, director of the Institute for Quality and Human Resources Development. Through lecture, presented the steps for achieving a successful organization and characteristics of successful managers and the characteristics of a good worker. He also spoke about the importance of a successful vision, its types and criteria.

Lecture on the benefits of employment in the EU gave Doc.dr.sc. Hrvoje Spehar with the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. Presented by the Social Policy of the EU and its main objectives established in Europe in 2020 and the statistics show trends in the European Union compared with the Croatian connection with employment, unemployment, education, etc. He concluded that Croatia should increase the number of higher education, increase the number of employed persons elderly and young people and to adapt to EU standards.

Lecture on the benefits of expanding into new markets using new communication technologies held a Doc.dr. Marko Kolakovic, Professor of Economics, University of Zagreb. In his presentation he spoke about the benefits and challenges of virtual business. He introduced new factors operating in a virtual economy, trends that led to the virtualization world of business and the future of the global economy.

P1020209 (Large)

OdrA?an Okrugli stol u okviru projekta WORK FLOW

U A?urAi??evcu je 29. oA?ujka 2012. godine odrA?an Okrugli stol ai??zMOBILNOST RADNE SNAGE U PREKOGRANIA?NOM PODRUA?JU MAA?ARSKA – HRVATSKAai???.

Sudionici Okruglog stola bili su projektni partneri, nezaposlene osobe i traA?itelji zaposlenja, poslodavci i predstavnici ustanova i institucija s prekograniA?nog podruA?ja.

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PodruA?na sluA?ba KriA?evci

Suradnja bez granica ai??i?? MaAi??arsko ai??i?? Hrvatska StruA?na akademija za zapoA?ljavanje

o Senada RaniloviAi??, PORA Razvojna agencija Podravine i Prigorja

Provedba projekta MOBILE REGION

o Nagy Mariann RAi??ka, Grad KapoA?var

Four Seasons, Four Fairs ai??i?? for the Economic Development of Cross Border Regions

o Maja BalaA?ko, Grad Koprivnica

Searching for New Business Opportunities

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in the Cross Border Region

o Marija Podolski, Grad KriA?evci

Projekti prekograniA?ne suradnje.

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Information Day of Work flow project in Koprivnica

Information Day of Workflow project that encourages labor mobility in the cross border area of Croatia-Hungary was held on the Faculty of Economics and Business in Koprivnica

The organizers are more than satisfied with the response of citizens at the Information Day of the mobility project Work flow. On the one hand, there were students who are interested in continuing their education in Hungary, for example, through post-graduate studies. On the other hand, there were people above 30 years and they all basically have the same problem, and that is that they are currently unemployed.

The most common question asked: “How can I get a job in Hungary?” So they are willing to go to work in a neighboring country but the biggest obstacle is the language. To overcome the language barrier, project Work Flow offers them a free learning of Hungarian and English on the website of the project. Programs for language learning should be available during June.

While the unemployed showed great interest in Work flow project that except labor mobility allows also business expansion across the border, between eighty citizens who responded to the letter of invitation was neither one entrepreneur.

Project Work flow is carried out under IPA cross-border program Croatia-Hungary. The project leader is city of Kaposvár and partners in implementing are the City of Koprivnica, the Croatian Employment – Regional Office Krizevci and Employment Government offices in Pecs Baranya County.


Kick-off conference

On the 28th September 2011. in the city Hall of city of Koprivnica, there was held an initial conference between project partners within the framework of « The promotion of labor mobility in the cross border area ».

A project is implemented by the city Kaposvar and the Government Office in Pecs, Baranya County, on the Hungarian side, and the city of Koprivnica and Croatian Employment Service Regional Office Križevci, on the Croatian side.

The conference was opened by the Deputy Major of city of Koprivnica, Mr. Dražen Pros. In his speech, he stressed the importance of the project implementation of cross-border cooperation with the Hungarian partners, particularly emphasizing the successful long-term cooperation with the friendly city of Kaposvar. « What we’ve learned through all of these projects will be particularly important when Croatia becomes 28th member of the EU, and we know that the Hungarians will wish us a welcome, » concluded Mr. Pros.

Then the representatives of other partners involved in the project held their speeches. Attendees were welcomed by a representative of city of Kaposvar, Deputy Mayor, Mr. Istvan Varga, Mr. Szilard Szegedi, a representative of the Government Office in Pecs and Jadranka Čapalija, head of the regional office of Regional Employment Office Križevci. On this occasion, they expressed their satisfaction with participation in a project that will significantly contribute to strengthening connections between local authorities and institutions in the cross border area. They stressed out the importance of the project for the local population, who will get valuable information about mobility opportunities, and will be able to learn English, Hungarian and Croatian language.

After opening remarks, Iva Svirčić, head of the project activities of city of Koprivnica, held a project presentation which highlighted the project goals and opportunities it offers, as well as activities that will be carries out during the implementation period. There were also represented the profiles of target group, and possible impact of the project to them.

The presentation ended by conclusion that project will enable partners and wider public to exchange labour mobility. It is also a good introduction for new challenges for Croatia when it enters European Union. The role of Internet courses of Hungarian and English languages is also emphasized. It will reduce language barriers, as one of the biggest obstacles to better integration of cross border cooperation.

Where Rivers Connect

European UnionThe project is co-financed by the European Union through the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme

This webpage has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The content of the webpage is the sole responsibility of the City of Koprivnica and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union and/or the Managing Authority.