The employer shall submit application for the permit – with or in certain cases without having a valid workforce demand – to the competent labour centre.

Terms of issuing work permits:

 * the employer submits the application requirements for worker 15 days before applying but no later than 60 days

* in registered unemployed persons there is no person who meets the requirements of the employer within 15 days from the date of application for worker

* third-country citizen has the required qualifications prescribed by law on a particular workplace, and health requirements are corresponding

* his/her employment is legitimate from other employment reasons

In following cases, applications for work permits can be submitted without the filing requirements for worker:

* employment of key expert

* employment of third country citizens in a company owned by foreign proprietors where the employment of 3rd country citizens does not exceed 5% of the staff on 31 Dec previous year

* educational, scientific or artistic activities of foreigners for no more than 10 working days in a calendar year,

* operational, guarantee, and servicing activities of foreigners on occasion only, for no more than 15 working days within a 30 year period

* teaching activities of foreign researchers which having research contracts with accredited research institutions within the framework agreement which is defined by special law,

* if the employer intends to employ the third country citizen in the same position after the expiry date of the work permit and submits the application ten days prior to the expiry date of the valid work permit

* employment considered as seasonal agricultural employment not exceeding sixty days of simplified (occasional) employment

* Etc.

The work contract aiming at creating of employment shall be concluded only after the issuance of the permit.



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